Black Rose Pin Order Form
The Society has been formed to organize South Carolina Order of Confederate Rose members that have an interest in portraying the persona of a widow or mourner. Please see our Calendar Page for some of our events. Our members will be notified of other events by email or newsletter.
Black Rose
The Society of the Black Rose is a reminder of the loss of life during the civil war. It is a very reverent organization. Women who lost loved ones, be it sons or husbands, men fighting for a cause in which they so dearly believed in. To be a member of the Society of the Black Rose is an honor and with that honor is placed the responsibility of portraying the death of our soldiers who fought so gallantly to protect our way of life. We walk upon hallowed ground at each Memorial Service we attend. Being a Black Rose member gives me the opportunity to step back in time and feel the loss of those that have long since passed, fighting and defending our precious land. I have felt the stirring of the spirits of those that we mourn. It is something that lives inside the women who are Black Roses. These men should not ever be forgotten. The Society of the Black Rose is an organization that preserves our heritage and at the same time let’s us mourn the loss that each woman before us felt. We are not only are paying respect to the fallen soldier but to the women who loved them.

Chair, Keeper of the Rite

  • Black Rose members must be SC OCR members (either a chapter member or a member-at-large) to join.
  • Members must have a complete period mourning outfit (period appropriate partial mourning is also acceptable).
  • At present there is not a membership fee.
  • Member will receive a membership certificate to the Society of the Black Rose.
  • The Society will act under the SCOCR Executive Council with a coordinator, the "Keeper of the Rite,” as contact person.

"Keeper of the Rite"
email: Black_Rose_Chair