This organization shall be officially known as South Carolina Society, Order of Confederate Rose, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Society." The society became a non-profit corporation in the state of South Carolina effective August 27, 1999.


The purpose of this organization shall be to assist the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) in its historical, educational, benevolent, and social functions, and to educate the public and ourselves about Confederate History, and to honor and preserve its symbols.
The Society is organized exclusively for one or more of the purposes as specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


A. The state Societies of the OCR have banded together to form a Confederation of States, each society having signed the "Articles of Confederation". These articles are incorporated into SCOCR bylaws.

Articles of Confederation - Order of Confederate Rose – 1995 (signed by SCOCR at 1995 Convention)
1. The main purpose of the Order of Confederate Rose is to support the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Other activities are developed only when needed or when the SCV camp does not need our help and members see a need for additional activities that do not include the SCV. No other main purpose can develop.
2. There will be a national insignia with the name of Order of Confederate Rose and the founding year on the insignia. Each state can make a state insignia if desired.
3. Order of Confederate Rose will be patented as a trademark to be used only by members.
4. The state society must host the national convention when the convention is in their state. During this time that state has complete charge of the convention. Each state society will give a report at this convention.
5. There will never be a national executive board or national officers.
6. State (Society) By-Laws can not contradict the Articles of Confederation.
7. Each chapter and each society formed must go by the Rules of Organization set up by the founding chapter of OCR.
8. Any society that fails to sign the Articles of Confederation can not use the name Order of Confederate Rose.
9. Life memberships can not be transferred from state to state or society to society unless approved by both societies.
10. Each society forms a separate corporation and a separate tax number but must abide by the above Articles.

B. The Societies Executive council will vote on the cost to publish an advertisement in the national SCV Magazine Confederate Veteran. The cost will be included in the annual budget.

C. The Society will budget for SCOCR donated portion to the cost for the national website. Cost will be determined by vote of Executive Council.

D. The Society will contribute to the host Society of the national OCR business meeting, held during the national SCV Reunion week. The executive council may vote at the National OCR business meeting to change the current stated amount of $100.00.

E. The SC Society will host the national OCR Business Meeting when the SC Division SCV or an SC SCV Camp hosts the national SCV Reunion.


A. The members of the Society will be the OCR Chapters, and Independents (Members at large). Applicatants must be 13 years of age at the time of application. Those under the age of will apply for “The Thorns” or “The Rosebuds” Each chapter is the judge of their own members. Chapters are required to follow state membership guidelines as the foundation of requirements.

B. Duration of Membership: Membership in the Society may be terminated voluntarily by written withdrawal or by non-payment of annual dues. Local chapters will handle suspension or expulsion.

C. Member-in-good-standing: A member is in good standing only when all chapter and society financial obligations are paid.

D. At-large members will belong to Palmetto State Chapter.

E. At-large Chair will act as Chapter Rep on Council.

F. Conduct
1. Conduct. Members shall at all time conduct themselves as ladies so as to bring credit and respect upon the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the SCOCR as well as other state Societies and historical based organizations.

2. Conduct during SCOCR Executive Council meetings will be informal unless the president or any member requests that proper parliamentary procedure be followed.

3. Conduct at the Annual Meeting will use Roberts Rules of Order as a guideline, including the appointment of a Sergeant-at-arms.

G. Attire
1. Proper and respectable attire suitable to the occasion, either modern or period dress, will be required at all Society attended functions.

2. When the host of an event requests a certain style of dress or behavior, SCOCR will honor that request (such as not wearing flag tee shirts or carrying flags in the Confederate Memorial Day parade in Columbia).

H. Discipline
1. Violations of conduct at the Annual Meeting will be handled by the Sgt-at-arms per RONR. SC Society OCR Bylaws, as of March 2008.

2. If disciplinary action against individual members or chapter is necessary, SCOCR or the Chapters will follow Roberts Rules of Order.

3. Termination. Membership shall cease by death, resignation, non-payment of dues, or expulsion. Members may also be temporarily suspended in accordance with this Constitution and Standing Orders.


A. Annual member dues will be billed to the Chapters, and the Chapters are authorized to collect the funds and forward them to the Society. Each member of the chapters will pay $15.00 when they first join and $10.00 annually for renewal dues. New members will be given a Society pin and a membership certificate.

B. There is no Life Membership available at this time.

C. Each member-at-large will pay $10.00 annually, and submit it to the Society. At-large will be given a Society pin and a membership certificate when they first join.


D. Renewal dues from chapters, chapter members or members-at-large must be postmarked no later than May 31. Renewal dues postmarked after June will have their names dropped from the SCOCR roster and the SCOCR Order of Black Rose. Individuals wishing to rejoin will need to apply under the bylaws of that chapter. If no member's dues are paid for a chapter by May 31, that chapter is dropped from the SCOCR as a member-in-good-standing.

E. Chapters
1. If disciplinary action against individual members or chapter is necessary, SCOCR will follow Roberts Rules of Order.)


June 1 to May 31


A. The Society will be governed by an Executive Council. The Council will consist of one representative from each chartered chapter, and the elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. If a Council member cannot be present at a meeting, a substitute should be sent and provided with credentials.

B. In the event the office of President becomes vacant; the Vice president (if an elected VP) assumes the duties for the rest of the term, or until a replacement may be elected. If the Vice president was appointed by the president, the Executive Council will appoint a new President for the rest of the term, or until a replacement may be elected.

C. Nominees for officers will be accepted at the January meeting of the Executive Council. 45 days prior to the Annual Meeting, all chapters-in-good-standing will be notified of the nominees. At the annual meeting, the officers will be elected by closed ballot with each chapter-in-good-standing receiving one vote. A quorum for this ballot will be a majority of chapters-in-good-standing in attendance.

D. Term of office is for two years, or when a successor has been elected or appointed. Any officer may serve up to two consecutive terms. After a break of one term, that office may be held again. President can serve 7 years total in lifetime.

E. In the event an office other than President becomes vacant, the Council will choose an individual to assume the duties for the rest of the term, or until a replacement may be elected.

F. Any elected officer may be removed from office for misconduct or willful dereliction of duty by a two-thirds vote by ballot of the Executive Council. The cause of this disciplinary action will be one or more of the following: disloyalty, neglect of duty, dishonesty, conduct unbecoming to a member of the Order of Confederate Rose, an act repugnant to the Sons of Confederate Veterans or the Order of Confederate Rose or detrimental to the objectives and purposes of these organizations.


A. President shall represent the society, conduct and call meetings as necessary, plan the Annual Meeting, appoint committees and chairs as needed to assist in the operation of the Society, and represent the SC Society OCR in the national Confederation of States activities.

B. Vice President shall represent the chapter in the absence of the president or by request of the president. She will communicate to the chapters and Committees on behalf of the presidents.

C. Secretary shall act as secretary, keeping Minutes, correspondence and records of the Society.

D. Treasurer shall maintain a checking account; collect, protect and disburse funds of the society; and make reports to the Council. Treasurer shall also maintain a list of names and addresses of members in the Society.

E. Other Representatives shall act on behalf of the Society and their chapter to further the purpose of the Society.
If the office of Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer becomes vacant, it may be filled by appointment of the president.

F. If the office of Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer becomes vacant, it may be filled by appointment of the president.


Executive council meeting must be held in person not via phone, conference call, e-mail, post or private chat room. (Because all executive council members are not informed)

A. The first meeting after the Annual Meeting will be to set a budget for the coming year, and to act on resolutions made at the Annual Meeting. The charter, documents, checks and books will be turned over as needed; check writing authority will be established for the new President and Treasurer. Projects for the Society may be discussed and planned as needed. Recruiting of chapters will be discussed/ targeted. Brochure reviewed for changes. Contact info for the Confederate Veteran will be reviewed for changes.

B. The Council will discuss and decide if any issues need to be presented at a national level. Arrangements should be made to send a Society report and/or representative to national for the convention.

C. Plans will be made to contact the host of the next SC Division SCV Reunion in order to incorporate the OCR Annual Meeting. Plans for the OCR business meeting and any programs or entertainment should be started.

D. The final meeting must be in January to finalize plans for the Society's Annual Meeting, to accept proposed changes to the bylaws, and to accept nominations for officers (when needed).

E. The Council will review the books and arrange for an audit. The audit may be performed by a member other than the incoming or outgoing president or treasurer. The auditor report will be presented at the Annual Meeting, with copies available to chapter representatives upon request. All financial records used to support the audit should be kept at least three years, or kept as long as necessary for government requirements.


A. The Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Division Reunion, and that meeting will be open to all members of the Society.

B. Executive Council will bring the necessary business before the membership, and make reports.

C. Each chapter should present a brief report about their past and future activities.

D. Presentation of new members-at-large certificates may take place during the meeting.

E. Investiture of new chapters may take place during the meeting.

F. Introduction of new chapter members may take place during the meeting.

G. The quorum for business at the Annual Meeting will be a majority of the Chapters in Good Standing.

H. Conduct at the Annual Meeting will use Roberts Rules of Order as a guideline, including the appointment of Sgt-at-arms.

I. An annual Treasurer's Report will be presented at the Annual Meeting, with copies available to chapter representatives upon request. The annual report must include income and expenses for each fund-raising project, categories of monies spent on each meeting or convention, dues and typical expense categories. The annual report will be prepared by the treasurer. This is the report that will be submitted to the auditor.

J. A list of Chapters in Good Standing and their Chapter Representative or President will be send to each chapter along with the notice of the meeting. An updated list of Chapters eligible to vote will be available at the meeting, and will be used to establish a quorum.


A. Proposed changes to the bylaws of the SC Society Order of Confederate Rose will be accepted at the January meeting of the Executive Council. 45 days prior to the Annual Meeting, all chapters-in-good-standing will be notified of the proposed change(s). At the annual meeting, the proposals will be discussed and accepted or rejected by closed ballot. Each chapter-in-good-standing will receive one vote. A quorum for this ballot will be a majority of chapters-in-good-standing in attendance.

B. Parliamentary reference is Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

C. The Council may vote on Standing Rules as needed. Standing Rules are in effect until changed by Executive Council at any Exec Council meeting.

D. Any issues not covered by these bylaws that need immediate action will be addressed by the Executive Council.

E. The By-laws and Standing Rules may be re-numbered as necessary following the approval of amendments, provided it does not change the intent or meaning of any of its provisions.

F. Standing Rules which are in effect when Bylaws are published should be included at the end of the document. Remove Standing Rules which are no longer in effect and other Council votes which have been acted upon. The Registered Agent will be … SCOCR voted to purchase the current paperback edition of Robert's Rules of Order … SCOCR will make a one-time donation … SCOCR will purchase a door prize …


A. Every chapter-in-good-standing who has paid dues for the current year is eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting. Each chapter-in-good standing has one vote per issue. If an elected officer is also the representative of her chapter, she may only have one vote on any issue. No one may ever vote twice.

B. No proxy votes will be allowed.

C. E-mail votes will be allowed provided proper notice can be given to members. Mail-in ballots may be used when their use is voted on by the Executive Council. All notice requirements must be met no matter which voting method is used.

D. Votes will be tabulated immediately following the voting by two (2) members (tellers) appointed by the Executive Council.


A. The President or the Council may initiate a committee and name the Chair. Committee Chairs do not have to sit on the Council. Chairs may appoint their own committee members. Chairs must give a report to Council when requested. The President is a member ex-officio of all committees. Any appointment made by the President may be removed by the President. Any appointment made by the Executive Council may be removed by 2/3 vote of the Executive Council. Any committee members appointed by a committee chair may be removed by that chair. Any judging committee will not consist of more than one member of a chapter.

B. Standing Committees:
1. Budget and Finance Committee consists of all members of the Council.

2. Registered Agent will file for a SC tax exemption and maintain these filings. (Any change in Registered Agent must be filed with the Secretary of State.)

3. Contact Person will be shown in the OCR ad in the Confederate Veteran magazine, and on the SC Society’s brochure. (The contact person is not necessarily on the Council.)

4. Webmaster will maintain a website for the SC OCR.

C. Optional Committees:
1. Membership Committee shall recruit new chapters in the society; and assist in the chartering process of new chapters.

2. At-Large Committee will maintain a listing of the SCOCR members-at-large, correspond with prospective members, and assure that they receive Society mailings.

3. Society of the Black Rose will have a “Keeper of the Rite” to be the contact point for members and organizations wishing to have the presence of the Black Rose at an event.

4. Legislative/Heritage Committee will gather information about issues and disseminate it to members.

5. Editor will create a quarterly electronic newsletter which any member may download from the website. Each active OCR Chapter is provided one electronic copy of the newsletter for distribution to their chapter members. The newsletter is also published on the SC Society OCR website.

6. A Rose Bud Chairman may be appointed to coordinate Rosebud activities.

7. Confederation Representative may be appointed to represent our Society on a National/Confederation level.

8. A chairman may be appointed to make arrangements for the Reading of the SC Roll of the Dead each May.

9. Scrapbook Judging Committee will be appointed by the President to evaluate scrapbooks of all chapters-in-good-standing at the Annual Meeting and to offer an award for the best.


A. The Society will register a domain name and start and maintain a website. A Webmaster will be appointed.

B. The cost of domain name registration will be considered an operating expense as long as there are Society funds to cover it.


A. The Society of the Black Rose is formed to organize SCOCR members who have an interest portraying the persona of a widow or mourner. Also, this group provides a contact point for those who wish to have the presence of mourners at dedications and memorial services.

B. The Society will act under the SCOCR Executive Council with a coordinator, the “Keeper of the Rite,” as contact person.

C. Membership requirements:
Be a SC Society OCR member-in-good-standing who has a mourning or partial mourning ensemble appropriate to the 1860s.

D. Membership Benefits:
Receive a membership certificate to the Society of the Black Rose. Receive or be able to purchase a black ribbon or pin with Society of the Black Rose on it to wear at events. Special Ribbons may be given for the attendees for some events.


In the event of dissolution of the Society, all assets are to be donated or sold, and the money received donated to the South Carolina Division SCV, and/or a qualified nonprofit historical cause chosen by a majority vote.


The Society logo is based on the South Carolina Sovereignty flag. (The flag has a red background with blue stripes, one vertical and one horizontal, each centered. One large white star sits at the intersection of these stripes. Four white stars appear on each side of the central star horizontally and three white stars appear above and below the central star vertically. In the upper left quadrant is a white palmetto tree and white gorget (crescent) with the points toward the tree. The other three quadrants show only the red background.) The society logo adds the letters SC in white to lower left quadrant and the letters OCR in white to the lower right quadrant. Use of this logo is strictly limited to the South Carolina Society Order of Confederate Rose's official documents, pins, and statewide fund-raisers. Other uses of the Society logo must be approved by majority vote of the Executive Council. Individual chapters-in-good-standing are encouraged to create a chapter logo, which is easily distinguished from the SC Society OCR logo.


A. There must be at least 4 paid members in the reinstating chapter. SCOCR must have their applications with the required recommendation and referral signatures.

B. If a member is transferring from another chapter or at-large, SCOCR should have a letter or email stating the desire to transfer.

C. SCOCR must have confirmation from the sponsoring SCV Camp that they wish to have a supporting OCR chapter.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

STANDING RULES and other votes that remain in effect:
6/99 (at organizational meeting):
The Registered Agent will be Anne Gelwicks until changed by the Council.
The Society will file and maintain a tax-exempt status with the Secretary of State’s office.

The Society will start and maintain a checking account, with at least two Council members allowed to sign checks. One must be the Treasurer; the other may be the President. (This has been done.)

4/20/02 (at Annual Meeting, Aiken):
SCOCR voted to sponsor the Columbia Confederate Memorial Day “Reading of the SC Roll of the Dead”.

04/25/06 (via ballot):
If the SC Society Web Space allows for more than one domain at no extra charge, the may share the allotted space.
SCOCR voted to purchase the current paperback edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (RONR).
Approximate cost is $18, not to exceed $25.00 with S&H and tax.
SCOCR voted to purchase the current short book that provides a simple introduction to parliamentary procedure, Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief. Approximate cost is $7, not to exceed $12.00 with S&H and tax.

04/25/07 (via ballot):
SCOCR will purchase a door prize to take or send to the national OCR annual meeting, not to exceed $100.00.